Rail transport cost to Russia’s railway transportation

Russian rail transport cost has risen by a fifth to $9.85 per passenger over the past three years.

That’s on top of the $10.85 charge Russia had to pay for the last time to recover the $3.4bn bailout from the International Monetary Fund in September.

The increase comes as Russian companies are also losing money from falling oil prices.

The cost of passenger rail in Russia is now higher than in France, Germany and the US.

Russia’s budget watchdog says the cost of rail travel has increased by 25 per cent since 2009, while the cost to transport goods between Moscow and other cities has doubled.

The government says that the cost is now about 30 per cent of the price paid by European companies for transport.

The costs of rail transportation are also rising at a time when Russian companies face mounting problems.

Russia needs to get around the growing budget deficit and its economic slowdown to attract foreign investment.