‘Bike is an essential mode of transport’

Train, bus, metro, bike, tram and other modes of transport are essential for modern life, says Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

He says he is committed to ensuring the public have access to safe, reliable and affordable modes of travel.

Mr Grayling’s comments follow the introduction of a £500m fund for cycling in England.

Mr Grayling said: “The cycle network is the backbone of the country, it provides the backbone for our economy and it is a fundamental part of our society and our economy can’t function without it.”

This is about making cycling a priority.” “

It’s about making sure that we are getting more people out of the car and into the city and into our communities.

This is about making cycling a priority.”

The UK is the first developed country to introduce a funding programme to make its roads safer for cycling.

It is designed to support the development of safer and more efficient cycling infrastructure, and is expected to cost around £250m.

Transport Minister Andrew Gilligan has said he wants to see the scheme as a long-term investment.

Last year, the Department for Transport estimated that the scheme would be worth £10.5bn over the next 20 years.

Its funding comes from the Government’s Strategic Cycling Fund, which is designed for projects which will reduce road deaths and improve cycling conditions in England over the long term.

The scheme is expected in 2020-21, with the first stage being completed by 2020-22.

A total of £11bn has been committed to the scheme so far.

In the last Parliament, the Government introduced a cycling fund of £1.2bn.

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