Railways express transport manufacturer says it will move into the UK

Railways Express Transport manufacturer Railway Express is looking to enter the UK’s market by 2021.

Railway Express announced on Tuesday that it had signed a £1.2 billion deal to supply its rail freight and logistics business in Britain with a new, high-speed rail line that will link London to Liverpool and the North West Midlands.

It will become the first major UK-based freight operator to enter into the high-tech sector after the state-owned company completed a £2.4 billion deal with Dutch firm NXP last year.RTE is the biggest buyer of its business in the UK, which includes its main route, the Thameslink, and has a significant rail network in the North East and Yorkshire.

It is the world’s largest provider of high-technology logistics and transport services to railroads, but the new deal will help to bolster its business further.

Rte has a history of working with UK government agencies to deliver a range of high technology services for the industry.