When train travel is no longer a rail journey, it’s an Uber service

Transport for NSW has introduced a new rail transport service called UberX that lets people travel on train services between different stations and platforms.

The new service, which allows riders to book a journey between Sydney’s Kings Cross and Circular Quay stations, has been launched in partnership with train operator Paragon.

The new service will allow riders to get on the train and travel to a destination within the next 24 hours.

“There is a growing demand for our customers to be able to travel between different train services and platforms,” said Transport for National Infrastructure chief executive, Richard Biddulph.

“This service enables customers to easily book an Uber ride from one platform to another and get the same services at a lower cost.”

The new UberX service allows passengers to book an uberX journey from one station to another.

It also includes an onboard coach service, where passengers can book a return trip from one train platform to the next.

UberX has not yet launched in NSW.

The NSW Government has committed $1.5 billion over the next five years to the new railway network, including $1 billion for the Western Suburbs Link and $1 million for the Eastern Subursts Link.