Railways transport vocabulary: Train,train station,train car,train compartment,train carriage

Railway transport vocabulary has been created by The Times Of India to help you remember and learn railway transport.

Train station and train compartment names are given in the form of English words.

Train cars are given by train numbers and train carriage numbers.

Train carriage numbers are given as ‘train cars’ in the same way that the word train has a number.

Train car numbers can be used in the way that a train is known by its train number.

Train station names have been provided by railway operators to help make sure that train station names are easy to remember and to ensure that the train station is identified as a railway station.

Train number names are provided as ‘trains’ in a similar way to the way trains are known.

Train car numbers are provided in the exact same way as train numbers are.

Train names have also been provided to give an indication of the location of each train.

Train cars and train car numbers may be given in a manner that makes the train appear as a train.

Train compartment names may be provided as either ‘chute’ or ‘doorway’ in an indication that the compartment is a ‘door’ or an ‘open door’.

Train car number numbers may also be given as a ‘chunk’ or a ‘piece’ of a train car.

Train name may be supplied as ‘Trains’, ‘Train’ or as ‘Train’.

Train numbers and station names may also indicate the location and route of each station.

Train compartment names, station names and station numbers may contain the letters ‘T’ for train and ‘TJ’ for ticket, station and compartment.

Train train car number may be used to indicate the number of the train or the car number.

Railway Transport has been written by the Indian Railways Railways, the National Highways Authority of India, the Railway Safety Board of India and other Indian Railway stakeholders to provide you with an easy-to-use way of keeping track of railway transport and to provide an overview of the different train and carriage systems in India.