How to ride a train in Bangladesh

The train journey from New Delhi to Bengaluru takes two hours.

That is not a big deal, but the journey is far from easy.

I have been travelling for more than 20 years.

For years, I have used the train to travel between New Delhi and Mumbai.

The journey took me through a couple of different parts of the country.

I have ridden the BKC, the BDC, the Kolkata Express and the Chennai Express.

But when I got to Bengalurosh railway station in New Delhi, the journey was different.

It was very crowded.

I was standing at the front of the train and I could barely see the people.

There were two men, who asked me to sit at the back.

I sat there for about an hour, and then they moved me.

I asked them why, they said, ‘you have got a little bit of money’.

I said, I can’t afford to pay for a ticket.

One of them started to beat me up.

He started to say, ‘We are from India, and we want to send money to Bangladesh’.

I told him, ‘If you are not from India and want to go to Bangladesh, we will pay for you to go there’.

He said, you will pay us in your own currency, so we can keep the money.’

Then the man started to tell me how much he had.

He said it was around 1,200 rupees.

He took me back to the train, and I realised what was going on.

In the next train, we went through another station.

Then, I noticed that my name was not on the list.

So, I had to go back to India and explain to the authorities that I was travelling with an Indian passport.

I told them, I am from a small town in the southern state of Madhya Pradesh, and my name is Rajesh Kumar, and this is my name.

After a few hours, the railway staff gave me the ticket number.

My journey was not over.

As I was going to return to Delhi, I asked the railway personnel if I could change my passport.

They said, No, we are not allowing you to change your passport.

The train went on.

I had a very long wait to get on the next one.

When I got on the train in Bengaluru, the train was packed.

I got off the train on the third floor, and it was very dark.

I went into a restroom, and the lights were turned on.

It was about 7.30 pm.

I did not want to miss the train.

So, I was able to change my ticket number and get on. 

The train journey was very, very busy.

There were people sitting at the window.

People were drinking coffee.

Once I got a seat, I got up and asked the driver, ‘I want to change to another train’.

He gave me his name, and said, My name is Manish Sharma, and there are two others with him.

I changed to the next class.

They had a seat next to me, and they started talking to each other.

They said, Manish, you are coming to Bombay, we want you to come to the port of Pirs.

Manish Sharma (from the photo)The next class was the B-Class, the first class was K-Class and the second class was V-Class.

We started to move forward.

When we reached Pirs, I went to the toilet.

I looked out the window, and everything was dark.

There was no light.

I realised that there were people who were waiting for the train back to Delhi.

I saw one man, who looked like he was in his 20s, who was waiting in front of a train station.

I started to talk to him.

He started asking me, ‘Where are you from?

Where are you coming from?’

I said I am travelling with a Indian passport, and if you want to come, you can pay for your ticket in your currency. 

Manish Singh Sharma I said, You don’t need to answer.

I want to leave the train for Delhi.

Manish Singh said, We will let you go.

I left, and when I came back, I said to the driver who had given me my ticket, ‘You don’t know who I am.

You will get in trouble if you do that’.

He started laughing.

I said the same thing.

He asked me why I was being asked this.

I replied, I don’t have a problem.

I am here to study.

He told me to go and change my name and address.

Finally, I managed to change the name and contact number of my new address.

When I got back to New Delhi from Pirs with my passport and a few hundred rupees, the police