How to track the Bangladesh Railway’s train tracking system

A new railway tracking system was launched on Tuesday in Bangladesh, the first such system installed in the country.

The Bangladesh Railway will soon begin to deploy the system across the country, and will be the first railway operator to deploy such a system on a national scale.

It will be used to track trains across the entire country and to determine the direction of trains in a given time period.

The system will allow train operators to quickly and accurately track their trains across an entire railway system and track them in the correct direction.

The system is a joint effort between the Bangladesh Railways and the Indian Railways, and is being rolled out in a phased manner.

This means that each train will have to pass through the track, which is set to be constructed in the next few months.

Train operators will also have to pay for the system, which will be available for free for people who sign up for an account.

It’s not yet clear how many people will be able to access the system.

The Bangladesh Railway trains will run on the new track system and are expected to run through Bangladesh in the coming weeks, the Bangladesh Times reported.

The first train to enter the country will be running in two days.

The railway has been developing the system for years, and has been able to track a huge number of trains over a number of years, including a number built at the Indian side of the border.

The train tracking systems used in China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and other countries have been implemented with a lot of fanfare.

This is likely to be the case in Bangladesh as well.

It is hoped that the system will help ease the strain of tracking train movements across a country where there are no reliable track links.

It might even help ease some of the pressure on trains as they are stuck at a train station for weeks at a time.