A look at railway transport rates and how much they will cost

The cost of running a railway is a central issue in the railway debate and it is something the Government has been very keen to focus on.

A key part of the government’s plan to reduce costs is to cut the price of the rail transport services that run on the network.

While it has not yet announced a price on these services, one company has revealed that it will be offering a discount to those who take the train.

According to data provided by a company called Railways, the rail services will start with an introductory rate of Rs 7.45 per km, which would be cheaper than the Rs 9.99 per km that they charge currently.

Railways said that they have already reached a deal with the Government and are in talks with other operators on what rate they can offer.

Railway transport companies have been running train service on the railways since the late 1990s and they are widely seen as a cheaper alternative to the diesel-powered trains.

The Government, however, has been lobbying against these services and has said that its decision to reduce prices would only affect those companies which do not pay enough.

The Railway Budget has been proposed to lower fares for these services by up to 30%.

Railway Transport Rates are set by the Railway Board and are set based on average fares charged on the Delhi-Mumbai railway, and the number of trains on the lines that run each day.

These fares are not fixed and can be reduced by a third by the Government.

The Railways Railway Board is a body under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, headed by Minister of State for Railways and High-Speed Rail Nitin Gadkari.

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