When a train leaves your car, you’re responsible for its journey

A train travelling between Sydney and Canberra could be forced to pay the freight of a $50,000 journey by way of compensation.

Key points:Railway Transport Minister David Elliott says the train’s freight is a “serious problem” for commutersThe Department of Transport is currently working on how to implement the compensation scheme, which will cost the rail industry $8 million to implementThe proposed scheme would apply to all freight transported by the Sydney to Canberra Railway (SAR) train.

Rail transport company Transport for NSW said the freight was “a serious problem” and that the government was “working to address the issue”.

The railway said it had identified the problem as a “significant failure in freight management”.

“We are aware of the situation, and will work with the Department of Finance to ensure that the compensation arrangements are in place to deal with this issue,” the company said.

The Government says it has identified the “serious” freight problem that is preventing the SAR train from arriving in Sydney.”

The Government will work closely with the freight sector and relevant stakeholders to address this issue.”

The Government says it has identified the “serious” freight problem that is preventing the SAR train from arriving in Sydney.

The Rail Industry Association (RIA) said it was aware of issues with freight handling and had been contacted by the Transport for the State and the Federal Government.

“It is important to note that the SAR Train has not left Sydney, and has not even started its journey from Sydney to Adelaide,” RIA WA chief executive, Steve Gower, said.

He said the problem was due to “an oversight error” and said the rail company would continue to work with stakeholders to fix it.”SAR has been able to move freight around safely for the past three years and there are no plans to add additional services, including overnight services,” he said.

“It’s important that the Rail Industry is working with the Government to ensure it continues to be an efficient and reliable rail service.”

As with any rail operator, SAR will work to resolve the issue with the Federal Department of Transportation.

“The proposed compensation scheme would cost the freight transport company $8m to implement, according to Transport for WA.”

We understand the issues and will take appropriate action, but we need to understand the full scope of the issue,” Mr Gower said.

The SAR is scheduled to leave Sydney on December 30.

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