Which NFL players get the most ‘passenger’ train tickets?

The NFL and Amtrak have agreed to end a lockout of thousands of train ticket holders, but not all players get on with it.

The league’s new collective bargaining agreement calls for a gradual decrease in the number of tickets purchased for each game.

Players have been told to pay for the tickets on the spot, but there’s no word yet on when they’ll be able to do so. 

The new agreement, which was signed by commissioner Roger Goodell and team executives Thursday morning, includes a new, one-game rule that could help alleviate the long lines at game sites.

The deal says that the players will no longer be able, by law, to sell their tickets for one game or for one season to one person.

That’s an advantage for fans and players who don’t want to pay a higher price. 

“The league and the players have agreed that this season we will not be able sell tickets for tickets to the games on the game day and the ticket price for the games will be the same for the same number of games, the same amount of tickets,” said a league statement Thursday.

“Therefore, this season ticket purchase will be subject to the one-year contract which has been in place for a few years.” 

“We will have a plan in place that will allow us to provide fans with an easier experience on game days,” said NFLPA President Troy Vincent in a statement Thursday afternoon.

“As soon as we have a better plan, we will be ready to announce it.” 

The deal also includes a clause that prohibits any player from selling tickets to his team.

That would be a big change from what the league is doing now.

The current rule requires a minimum number of season tickets to be sold.

This new agreement allows for up to five.

Ticket sales will start at 5 p.m.

ET on Wednesday, March 12.

The NFLPA says it plans to have more details about the new rule soon.