‘The Mummy’ trailer reveals creepy secrets behind the ‘The Dark Crystal’ sequel

The Mummy opens in theaters on Friday, and in theaters now, there’s an eerie trailer for the sequel.

We first got the first trailer back in March, and now we have a full trailer for this one, too.

We’ve also got a brand new photo, so you can see what it’s all about.

The trailer opens with a black and white scene with the first scene of the film.

We see Mary and Jason in the desert, surrounded by the skeletal remains of their dead parents, and we see a huge red coffin that’s hanging from the sky.

We then see the skeleton’s head fall off as the film begins.

And finally, we see Jason’s parents, who look as though they’re about to drown.

The mummy, however, appears to be floating in midair.

The first two scenes were shot in London and Paris, but the final one takes place in London.

The director of the original, Anthony Hopkins, told us the story behind the film was pretty straightforward.

“I didn’t want to put in any CGI, so I just took the film out of London, put it into a warehouse, and cut the sequence,” Hopkins said.

“And then I did a little bit of editing to make it all look really nice.

It was really, really, like, well, it was really nice, but it was also really scary.”

The first trailer for The Mummies also features footage of the Mummy and Jason’s mom, the film’s most beloved character.

The trailer opens up with a scene of Mary and her daughter, Mary Elizabeth.

As they are walking through the woods, they notice a dead child.

“Mary looks up and sees a child,” the trailer reads.

“The child’s head is on the ground.

It’s the head of the child she lost, the head that’s going to be with her forever.

She sees the child’s eyes open and then the head falls to the ground.”

We also see a glimpse of a little girl’s hand and a pair of shoes.

The next scene shows the mummy and the child holding hands.

“She looks into the eyes of the children and sees the eyes open,” the director says.

“It’s just like a nightmare, but she doesn’t know that yet.

The head falls and the mummy looks at the child.

The child’s mouth opens and she hears a scream.”

The next sequence features the mummy being thrown from the roof of a building.

“Jason, she has a lot of power.

She’s got a really big one,” the film says.

Then we see the mummy standing on a balcony.

“They throw her off the balcony and she falls into the ocean,” the movie continues.

“In the ocean, the mummy has a child.

It is a child, with eyes and a body.”

The last scene shows us a scene from a previous film in which we see our main villain, the Black Queen.

“Now, as you know, the story of the Black Death is that the Black King is alive, and he wants to take over the world,” Hopkins told EW in March.

“So he wants his mummy.

He wants to eat the mummy, and then he kills it.”

Hopkins also said the film would be a reboot of the franchise, as it would not feature any of the characters from the first film.

The Mums will not be returning for a second film.

“This time, it’s really not going to have a sequel,” Hopkins added.

“You won’t see the Black Mummy anymore.”

We’re still awaiting the official synopsis of The Mummies.

It will be released on May 5, 2018.

Watch the trailer below.