How to get a rail trip to Rio de Janeiro, but without the hassle of a car train

A trip to the Brazilian capital, Rio de Janiero, can be an easy one.

The train ride takes you from the port city of Maranhão on the Amazon River to a city on the banks of the Amazon in the north, then onto the coast in the middle of nowhere.

You’re not just going to be driving along the riverbanks.

The journey takes you through dense jungle, and it takes a fair bit of planning.

The route takes you around the Amazon, through a series of hills and valleys, past an area of jungle, through scrub, past a river and finally into the center of the city.

You can see the coast and the city from your seat, but not the whole city.

That’s because there’s no metro or subway system.

So you have to take the train yourself, either via an overnight bus ride or via the metro, or you can catch the bus from the city to the coast.

You have to know the rules, and they’re not very good.

If you’re planning to go to Rio, you probably want to use the metro.

If not, you can use the buses.

There are two Metro buses, and each one takes you by the city bus stop, or it will take you to a nearby station.

There’s also a bus that will take your car on the way to and from the coast, and that’s called a tricolor bus.

You should probably also get your own car, because it’s cheaper.

A tram ride in Rio de Jiro can be $40 per person, with an extra $10 per adult.

If it’s an overnight train ride, the fare will be $30 per person.

And if you don’t want to get your car, the city has a parking lot where you can park your car and pay the fare.

If the metro stops in the center, you’ll pay $35.

If one of the buses is in a residential area, it’ll cost you $40.

The metro stops at the center station and you can pay the metro fare on the spot.

There is a ticket vending machine where you’ll find the fare you’re paying and the bus number.

It’s also possible to pay the Metro fare by the phone, using the mobile app.

For a more detailed guide on how to make your trip to and around Rio, check out our guide on getting around Rio.

For a much more detailed look at the Metro system, see the Ars Technic article on the Metro System.

You don’t need a metro pass to board the metro system, and if you’re buying a ticket, you won’t be charged a fare.

However, you will need to buy a Metro pass at the station, and there are no other modes of transportation in the metro except taxis.