Train passenger trains to reach a target of 90% of capacity by 2020

Transport for London (TfL) has announced a plan to connect trains to London’s East Coast and to run passenger trains between the two stations, at a cost of about £1.8bn over the next three years.

The announcement follows TfL’s announcement last week that it was seeking private investment to help the scheme reach its target of 85% capacity by 2031.

The aim of the scheme is to connect the stations at St Pancras station and Kings Cross, the former terminus of the Northern line, with stations at Euston, Waterloo, High Street, Kings Cross and Eustons Road, at an estimated cost of £2.2bn.

TfA’s proposal for the rail link is designed to be “a truly integrated service” with a total length of about 1.2km (0.9 miles).

The TfT spokeswoman said: “Our proposal to link London’s busiest stations with a new high-capacity station on the East Coast of England is the most ambitious rail project in the world and a game-changer for the economy, the environment and people of London.”

The rail link, which is due to open in 2020, will have a maximum capacity of 3,000 passengers per hour.

TafL’s plan includes a connection from Kings Cross to Eustens Road station, with the station to serve as the first stop between London’s two stations.

The station, which will also be home to a new airport terminal, is due for completion in 2021, with a full service expected to open by 2021.

Tfl is planning to invest up to £2bn in the new station to make it more attractive to businesses.