Delhi government’s railway transport safety committee gives ‘unacceptable’ verdict to commuters

Delhi: The Delhi government is trying to blame railway transport for the death of a passenger in the country’s largest rail transport corridor.

The Railways Committee on Tuesday directed the railways ministry to provide “unacceptable” evidence on the safety of the railway sector in the state, after the passenger died while travelling on the Thane-Lucknow railway.

Railway minister Rakesh Sharma said the government had been notified of the death.

“The committee has received an allegation of the deceased’s death and has been directed to provide evidence of the passenger’s death in the coming days,” Sharma told reporters in New Delhi.

The Railways Ministry has been asked to provide an update by June 20, he added.

The death comes just two days after an Air India flight from Mumbai to Delhi was diverted due to a mechanical problem in Mumbai’s Vadodara airport.

The flight was carrying passengers from the southern Indian city of Bangalore to New Delhi and Delhi to Bengaluru.

The airline has suspended all operations for two weeks.