When you are not riding a train, how much do you waste?

Railway transportation manufacturer ai has created a system that takes the waste generated by passengers and generates electricity for a local power station.

The system has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% in an area that has one of the lowest per capita CO2 emission rates in Europe.

The system, which uses recycled cardboard to generate power, is currently being tested at an industrial facility.

“Our primary goal is to have a sustainable solution,” ai CEO Andres Vidal said in a statement.

“The railway industry is a very large one.

We want to use the same technology as the railway industry to reduce the amount of CO2 pollution we are producing.”

Ai trains are currently being manufactured in Germany, Japan, Italy, France and the United States, with the company currently working on a nationwide launch.

Ai is currently looking to partner with companies such as General Electric, Siemens and BMW to build the systems, according to the statement.

Ai hopes to sell the system in Europe by 2020.