Which country has the best rail system?

Railway transportation costs have been in the headlines recently after an Australian government report revealed that the average train travel time was more than three times longer than in the United States.

But it was the cost of freight railroads that caught our eye.

The average train ride cost an average of $12,000, with an average daily freight cost of $13,800.

Transport engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction and operation of railroads and their track systems.

While it may not seem like a big difference in dollars and cents, transportation engineering costs can be extremely important to the financial viability of a project.

That’s why it’s so important to compare freight rail costs between countries.

The cost of rail transportation costs can differ from country to country, and the results of the study show that rail transportation can be a significant contributor to freight rail transit costs in the US.

It’s a big advantage for railroads because freight is cheaper than rail and therefore less costly to run.

If a train needs to travel longer than the average rail trip, the cost to the taxpayer is typically significantly less than the freight costs, which are often the largest expense for any project.

The United States has the highest freight rail freight costs in Australia, at $13.5 billion.

This comes to a total freight cost in Australia of $1.8 billion per day.

However, a train travel of three hours or more would cost an Australian $14.5 million, or an average freight cost over the length of a week of $17,000.

The most common rail transit system in Australia is the Melbourne Tramway.

On average, a daily train trip costs about $1,400.

By comparison, the average Australian daily freight travel costs about the same as the $1 billion daily freight rail transportation cost in the U.S.

The U.K. and New Zealand have relatively low freight rail transport costs.

For example, the typical train travel in the UK is about $2,200.

According to a recent report, a freight rail trip costs an average $3,000 in the three-hour and 20-minute rail transportation, or $8,000 per day, in the two-hour rail transportation and $15,000 for the five-minute railroad transportation.

In contrast, a five-day train journey in New Zealand costs an estimated $1 million per day in freight and $30,000 daily freight costs.