‘Totally inappropriate’ for RCMP to conduct a border security inspection at an Ottawa transit station

Transport Canada has asked the federal government to cancel an inspection that took place at a transit station in Ottawa this weekend because the federal police and border security officials were “not in compliance with the Government of Canada’s border security requirements,” a spokeswoman for the federal department said in an email to CBC News.

The department said the RCMP had been told the inspection was not authorized by Transport Canada.

It said Transport Canada notified the agency earlier in the week that the inspection could not be conducted.

“This type of inspection does not comply with the terms of the border security agreement with Canada, which was negotiated with the government of Canada prior to the Canada-U.S. border,” the spokeswoman said.

“It would be inappropriate for Transport Canada to approve the inspection without consulting with the RCMP.”

The inspection was authorized on Feb. 2.

The RCMP is required to complete an inspection at the site each year.

The spokeswoman said Transport Minister Steven Blaney’s department will take action if Transport Canada’s concerns are not addressed.

“The inspection was done lawfully, in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations,” the spokesperson said.

She added that the RCMP “is in compliance” with all border security regulations.

In an emailed statement, Transport Canada said it was “appalled” by the inspector’s actions.

“I have been informed that the Minister of Transport is concerned by the actions of a Border Security officer, and is considering what can be done to rectify this situation,” the statement said.

It also said the department has “immediately and fully addressed” the inspector and “is investigating this matter.”

In a separate statement to CBC, the Canadian Union of Public Employees said it will “continue to support the Minister in this situation.”

It said it’s concerned by Transport Minister Blaney and has asked him to ensure the RCMP is in compliance.

The union says the RCMP does not have a “special role” in border security.

Transport Canada spokesperson Michelle LaValle said the federal agency “does not approve any border security activities.”

She said Transport has received complaints from members of the public about the border inspections at a number of transit stations, and has also notified the RCMP.

The inspector has been suspended and will be replaced by a new officer, she said.

In addition to the border inspection, the inspection of the Canada Line Railway tracks and its associated vehicles took place Saturday.