How to report a scam

A new online platform has emerged to report scams to authorities and police, offering people a tool to report potential fraudsters to the authorities.

The platform, which has been launched by a group of former employees of the Bangladesh Railway Transport (BTR) and its subsidiaries, aims to make the system easier for people to report any suspected scams.

BTR was recently rocked by the emergence of a fake train ticket scam, in which passengers paid money to get a bogus ticket that allegedly cost a whopping Rs 5,500 to the government.

Bangladesh is known as a transit hub for people coming from countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The country is also known for its relatively high levels of corruption and bribery, with police departments accused of committing serious corruption and bribing public officials.

While the railway transportation scam was the first major scam reported by BTR to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), it did not make it to the national media until this month, when it emerged that a fake ticket was being offered on the platform.

“A scam was being sold at Rs 5 lakh per ticket, where one can buy tickets from any station in the country,” said Nabi Ahmad, who was part of a team that investigated the case.

In a statement to The Hindu, BTR said it was investigating the matter.

A BTR spokesperson said the platform was set up in order to facilitate people to lodge complaints.

“The platform is being launched in a way that it will not be a burden for the authorities to register any case,” the spokesperson said.

“In the future, we will be launching similar platforms to the one in place for passenger complaint processing.”

BangLadesh is currently experiencing a spike in train station scams.

In June, BTP arrested seven men accused of running a train station scam in the eastern city of Khar, after a group went to the station and bought fake tickets to get to and from their homes.

Authorities have also been investigating the case of a train ticket scooter scam that was spotted at a train hub in the central city of Kolkata, and which has led to an investigation into the owners of the scooters.

However, the investigation in the case is ongoing.