The latest on the India Railway Transport Disaster

Railway transport was disrupted across the country as an early-morning train crash killed at least 12 people in Tamil Nadu.

The incident occurred on Sunday evening when a train carrying more than 200 people derailed in Thiruvananthapuram district of the Tamil Nadu state, injuring more than a dozen people, according to a statement from the State Disaster Management Authority (DMA).

Railways officials said the train derailed and derailed again in another part of the district, in an area of around 20,000 people, and a third derailment happened in another area.

The train carrying 140 passengers derailed in another district in the same area.

In a statement, the DMA said the number of casualties could be higher, but it did not specify the exact numbers.

The accident comes at a particularly difficult time for the state’s railway network.

Since the disaster, the number and length of trains has increased drastically and the number has grown as well, with trains travelling at up to 500kmph in Tamilnadu, an autonomous region in the north of India.

The railways have been dealing with a massive capacity crunch, with a number of routes running under suspension or with delays.

On Sunday, trains carrying people and goods were stranded in different parts of the state.

The DMA also said that the accident could have been prevented if a number or percentage of the people on board the train had been properly informed about the situation ahead of time.

The tragedy has shaken the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Association (IRCA), which represents the sector’s leading companies.

It called on the state government to provide more space for people to travel to the region and said that such a tragedy should be seen in the context of the existing rail network.