How to make a train-fraud complaint on Facebook

A Facebook post claiming to be from the Federal Government has been causing a stir on the social networking site.

The post, which has been shared more than 100 times, is a fake and accuses the Federal Opposition of “scamming the taxpayer”.

The post also makes false claims about how the rail transport industry works and claims the Federal government is “scams the taxpayer for billions”.

The Federal Government says the post is false and has no connection to it.

“We will not tolerate fraudulent, inaccurate and misleading political or political advertising, especially on Facebook,” the Government said in a statement.

Facebook is also banning the posts.

“This content is illegal and has been removed,” a spokesperson said.

“If you see this content again, please report it to Facebook and we will remove it immediately.”

In a Facebook post, the Federal Minister for the Transport Minister, Ian Macfarlane, says the Government has received a number of complaints about the post.

“There have been concerns raised by a number Australians that the content is false, misleading or misleading,” he said.

The Federal Opposition says the government has been “scammers the taxpayer” for billions.

Federal Opposition leader Barnaby Joyce says the Federal Labor Party has not been involved in the fake Facebook post.

He says the federal government will not allow political advertising to “scare the taxpayers”.

“This is the same government that has been lying to Australians and has done so in the last election, so it’s pretty clear that this is a concerted effort to scare the taxpayers,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

The Government has also posted an apology to Facebook.

“On behalf of the Federal Parliament, I apologise for this false and misleading campaign and for the Government’s actions in the lead up to the last federal election,” Mr Macfarnell said.

Mr Maclaren said the Government had not been contacted by Facebook and that the Government would take action to ensure “any future posts are not in breach of our advertising rules”.

Facebook says it has taken action to stop the posts “as soon as possible”.

“We’ve removed posts that are not from the Government,” the spokesperson said in an email.

It is also worth noting that, as Facebook’s terms of use and privacy policy explain, it is our policy to remove content that is in violation of our community standards and standards set by Facebook.”