Why is the US Army keeping the trains running?

By Brian FungUS troops are going to be on the trains this week.

The army is trying to keep the trains going.

But a question that arises from the news that trains are not running is why?

And it seems like it’s a big deal.

There are a few reasons why this is a big news story:First, it means trains will be more likely to run.

The Army trains are used in a lot of ways that they never used to, including transporting soldiers around.

And they are often used to transport wounded soldiers to the hospitals or even people who have died.

Second, trains are a popular form of transportation.

People like to take the trains to their jobs and to get around in general.

The military trains are often considered a more efficient way to get from one place to another, because it’s much easier to move people around on the train.

It’s also a lot cheaper.

The Army trains cost about $10 billion per year, and the federal government is paying for about half of that.

Third, trains have a lot more passengers.

In the past, the military was using a combination of military transport vehicles and trucks to transport troops around.

Now, the trains are being used for a whole lot more.

The trains are also cheaper than other forms of transportation, since the cost of fuel is much lower.

They’re also less dangerous than cars or planes.

Third, trains don’t run on weekends.

Most military trains go to the same spot on a week-to-week basis, so there is no danger to soldiers on a train trip.

But some trains do run on weekend days, and that’s when soldiers can be at risk.

The train on Sunday is used to take wounded soldiers home, so the danger is greater than it would be on a weekday.

In a report on the Army’s trains, CNN reported that during the weekend, there were several incidents on military railroads, including one where a soldier was seriously injured when a train derailed and crashed into the side of a road.

This caused widespread damage to the train, which is why the military says it has put new safety measures in place.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.