Railways transport image: The new fleet is ready to go

Railways Transport Group is the new transport group tasked with modernising the railways network.

It’s a big project.

The group will work on a range of transport projects, including:The company is currently looking at a range to upgrade the fleet of train services, with an eye to making trains a better choice for passengers.

It will also look at using trains to deliver other public transport services, such as tram services.

The project is expected to be completed by 2020.

The rail group will be responsible for designing and developing rail services.

It is also working on the design and construction of a new fleet of trains, including the new model.

The organisation will have its head office in London and its London office will be based in Birmingham.

The company will be run by an existing group of staff, which has worked on the train project.

It will also be involved in a number of other public transportation projects, such the £400m High Speed 2 rail link from Birmingham to Liverpool, as well as the proposed Crossrail link from Manchester to London.