When does the next federal government shutdown start?

The federal government will reopen on Monday and could face a prolonged shutdown during the next three weeks.

The latest federal budget, released Wednesday, includes a $4.7 billion boost for rail transportation.

Federal officials estimate that the government could take up to nine months to reopen, and some say they may be too optimistic.

Federal Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, for example, told senators last week that the Trump administration is planning to reopen in late February.

“I would anticipate that by the end of February, there would be a lot of trains and cars that would be back in service,” Foxx told senators.

“We don’t have any hard data on when that would actually happen.”

The federal agency that oversees rail transit has also promised a lot more work on rail safety in the months ahead, saying in a press release on Tuesday that it will focus on improving safety and speeding up the pace of train deliveries.