What is LNG train transport?

Updated June 28, 2018 05:05:00The government has introduced a raft of changes to the way it handles rail transport and it is the first time the federal government has undertaken the task.

Key points:The Government has introduced changes to how it handles LNG rail transport, including increasing the number of rail transport companies required to meet standardsThe Government wants to improve rail transport to meet national emissions targets, with an emphasis on renewable sourcesOf the six major transport companies in the industry, four are required to make rail transport investments, according to the Government.

The changes come after the federal Government was accused of being too tight-lipped on the matter last year.

A review into rail transport by the independent Transport and Infrastructure Review Body (Tirra) was commissioned last year after it was revealed the Government had not been spending the money to meet the 2020 emissions targets.

The Government initially said it would be spending $2 billion over the next four years on rail transport improvements.

The review found there was “significant duplication” of funding in relation to rail transport infrastructure across the industry.

The report also found “significant gaps” in funding for train and road transport infrastructure.

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