Which is the cheapest train ticket for a return journey to Australia?

Train fares are about to become a lot cheaper.

From May 2018, train fares will become the cheapest in the world, with prices averaging about $35 per person.

On top of that, the fares are set to increase by 20 per cent, from $15.80 to $17.50 per person, which means a return trip on the Sydney to Melbourne rail line will be cheaper by $4.70.

While it’s a major increase, it’s not the only one.

On top the rail fare increase is also set to be the biggest in the country.

The Federal Government says the changes will see the cost of a return train ticket from Sydney to Brisbane cut by about $20.

Travelers on regional or remote travel are expected to be particularly affected, with the fare cut set to affect passengers travelling from Darwin to Brisbane and Sydney to Hobart.

But the changes have caused a number of major issues for train operators, with some operators cancelling trips due to the increase.

“The changes to the rail price are significant,” said Transport for NSW general manager of operations, Rob Taylor.

“[They] mean train operators are going to be paying a significant premium for passengers that are travelling between regional and remote communities.”

The change is expected to cut the price of a train ticket by $3.10 per person for the same journey, according to the Australian Rail Transport Association.

“It’s a real opportunity for rail operators to reduce the price and put more money in their pockets,” said Tom Bevan from the Victorian branch of the organisation.

“The government is providing the funds to ensure that they can deliver that change and ensure that people are able to access the services that they want and expect.”

However, the Australian Trains Union says the increase is “very significant”, as it means trains will be going up in price at an exponential rate.

TRAIN FARE UPDATE: Train prices are going up on the national rail network.

Train travel on the rail network will be $20 a person.

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