Russian Railways: Transports are in a state of emergency

Russia’s railway transportation system is in a crisis, with no money to keep it running.

Transport Minister Mikhail Zheleznofeyev told reporters on Tuesday that Russia’s budget for the next year is $1.3 billion.

In March, the government cut spending by nearly 20 percent.

Russia’s transport system is also suffering from a severe shortage of trucks, which means that even the trains that are moving goods are carrying heavy loads.

Russian Railroads is not only running out of trucks but it also has an even more pressing problem: It can’t keep up with the construction of new rail lines, which are needed to carry freight to cities like St. Petersburg.

According to Zhelelev, the number of new trains the government has to build each year has tripled since last year.

Zheletiev said that the rail system is now at “peak capacity.”

As for the state of transport, Russia has a backlog of 8 million new cars that have to be delivered to cities every year, and Zhelev said that his government plans to increase the number in the coming months.

However, the country has only 2 million trucks, and there is no money in the budget to get them delivered.