What is the difference between rail transport and railway car transport?

Railway transport cost is the cost incurred by a railway company when transporting goods from one station to another, according to the Transport Research Laboratory, a government-funded think tank.

The cost is calculated based on the actual journey times, freight costs and freight volume of a journey.

In railway transport costs, the amount spent on fuel, passengers and baggage is not counted.

Rail transport costs vary from one country to the next, with some countries including Singapore and Japan having the lowest costs.

India’s rail transport costs are higher than the average cost in many countries, and even more so than China, according a report by the Institute of Policy Studies.

India has the second-highest rail transport cost per capita in the world after the United States, with an average of $12,834 per year.

A trip on a train is about 30 minutes long and takes between 10 and 20 minutes.

This is more than a trip by air, which takes between two and four hours.

India currently has about 6,000 railway car transportation facilities, but this figure could increase to as many as 11,000 by 2021.