Why Indian Railways is looking for the next big trainee

India’s railways will be hiring the next trainee in 2019, a key decision that has raised concerns among the country’s private sector leaders.

The country’s largest private railway operator, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), has been trying to recruit trainee trainees for over a year, but the recruitment process has faced resistance from the industry, with some trainees questioning whether they could afford the trainee salary.

In the coming weeks, however, the government is set to announce that the government will start hiring trainees to replace trainee staff in the railways, which will boost the numbers of trainees.

The hiring of trainee drivers, in turn, would boost the economy by at least 6% and the industry by 2% over the next four years, according to the government’s plan.HAL, however in a recent filing to the stock exchange, had said that the company was in discussions with private trainees, who had expressed interest in joining the company.

“There has been no formal formal proposal to join the company yet, but we are in dialogue with the private trainee class, and we will soon release the details of the talks,” the company said.HALT said that it had recently received two offers from private trainers, and the two offer had “raised significant concerns” about the safety of the company’s trainee driver trainees and the potential for them to commit suicide.

“There has to be a very clear set of safety standards for trainee driving.

The company will take immediate action to ensure the safety and well-being of the driver trainee.

In the long term, we will have to work with the railway authorities to ensure safety in all the industries we operate in, and ensure that no one is ever killed while on duty,” said Hindustans director general (safety) Bishnu Kulkarni.

In February, the National Democratic Alliance government had announced a national action plan to ensure a safe and secure employment for all trainees in the country.

This plan was announced in the wake of the December 18, 2015, fatal train accident at the Gurgaon-Dhampir station in which 12 people were killed.

The government had also announced a number of steps to prevent the “unprecedented” increase in suicide among trainees that has occurred in the past four years.

“Our government has been working on a range of steps, including the National Action Plan, to ensure that the country remains a safe place to work, and that trainees are safe and healthy,” said a senior HRD ministry official.

“The government has announced a new safety and health framework, including a set of measures for improving trainee safety and wellbeing,” he added.