How to secure your rail transport contract with Tata Consultancy Services

A new report has revealed that if you are going to go through a bidding process, it is advisable to secure a contract from a private company to deliver your rail traffic needs.

A report by Mumbai-based Tata Consultant Services, which provides logistics and security services for public transport, also reveals that a private railway operator is not the best choice for public sector transport.

The report, ‘Rail Trains: Why Private Companies Are Not Preferred’ by P.S. Jain, is titled ‘A Case Study of Private Rail Trains in Mumbai-NCR’.

The report also identifies some major problems faced by Indian public transport in terms of safety, cost, and security.

The report is titled Rail Trades: Why private companies are not preferred, which comes with a list of reasons for private companies not to provide transport services.

Jain’s report comes as India continues to experience a major transportation crisis and is grappling with the ongoing railway shutdown and strikes on the roads.

The strike on September 10 saw over 500,000 workers in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana strike against the government over the ongoing rail shutdown.

The railway transport contracts are awarded by private companies and are usually the largest part of the cost for public transit in India.

The private companies then subcontract their services out to public sector agencies, which can charge much higher fees.

The public sector is often seen as the bottleneck, which forces public sector undertakings to work hard and compete with private companies for a limited amount of time.

Jains report also found that, while the private companies tend to charge higher fares and higher charges for the transport contracts, the public sector generally gets cheaper fares, while also providing more security and higher services.

While the report points out that private companies can be less expensive than public sector, the private sector has a reputation for poor quality and safety.

Jains report states that the average cost per mile for rail transport is Rs.1.27, while it is Rs 4.85 per mile on other modes of public transport.

The cost of providing security is also lower than public transport services, the report says.