Rail and rail transport: New Zealand’s New Zealand Railways will run a $2 billion project by 2020

The Government has announced the New Zealand Railway will invest $2.2 billion over the next five years to upgrade its fleet of passenger trains, a move that will see the nation’s railway be among the busiest in the world.

Key points:The Government says it wants the New England-based railways to be among its top international competitors by 2020Rail services will be modernised and modernised fastRail services are one of the main reasons the New York-based railway operates the world’s busiest railway systemRail services were among the reasons New Zealand was ranked as one of Asia’s fastest growing economies in 2016New Zealand is one of four Pacific nations to have a New Zealand rail network and has long been regarded as one the world`s fastest growing regions.

The Government hopes to be one of New Zealand`s top international rail operators by 2020.“We are a world leader in rail and we know we have a huge future,” Transport Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Thursday.“This will ensure that our railways are as efficient as possible.“And we know that New Zealand has an outstanding track record and we are confident that this investment will deliver a top-notch railway for New Zealanders and tourists alike.“The New Zealand Government has also committed to developing an infrastructure and infrastructure support strategy for the project.”

Ms Arderns announcement comes as the Government announces it will also invest $3.4 billion over a period of five years in upgrading its fleet.

New Zealand’s fleet is the most modern in the country and has the world�s busiest railway network.

The Rail and Maritime Commission (RMC) says the upgrade will allow for faster trains to run on track, improving service and cutting travel times.“Our plan is to upgrade the network as soon as possible, and this investment builds on our commitment to upgrade our infrastructure as well as our capacity for the future,” RMC chairman, Jim Wair said.“It is the best of both worlds, delivering more capacity while delivering the best possible service to the public and our local communities.”

Rail and Maritime Commissioner, Michael Bancroft, said the investment would improve New Zealand�s capacity to operate the country�s most successful railway system.“New Zealand�ll have one of most successful railways in the OECD and we have one-of-a-kind rail links across the world, so this investment is a very important one for New England,” Mr Bancrock said.

Railways are the world leader when it comes to rail capacity and capacity is key to the success of New England`s rail network.“What is a modern rail line is a rail line that is able to carry more passengers and that is a great thing,” Mr Wair explained.“In New England we have two major rail lines, one running in New York and one in New Jersey and the second is the rail line to Auckland, but it is one line that needs to be modernized.”