How a train ride ended in a train crash

The accident in Belgium’s central railway station has sparked a train theft crisis and forced Belgium’s rail operator, Trainset, to shut down its entire fleet of trains.

The train station, located in Antwerp, Belgium, is a major rail hub that serves the Dutch, French, German and Belgian borders.

Train theft is a growing problem in Belgium, and the number of trains that have been stolen from trains has increased in recent months.

Belgian authorities believe that a train belonging to the railway operator had been stolen between December 2017 and March 2018.

The stolen train is believed to have been used by a criminal gang to steal more than €1 million from the Belgian rail system.

“We’re still looking for the perpetrator and have not found him yet,” the railway transport ministry said in a statement.

Authorities believe that the stolen train was used by the criminal gang known as the ‘Crazy Gang.’

The theft happened on December 9 when a train traveling from Antwerps to Antwerpes was stopped in a rural area of the city, the railway ministry said.

The driver noticed a gap in the window of the car, which caused the train to stall.

The victim told police that the train was “going faster than he expected” and that the driver tried to brake the train.

“He stopped the train in the gap and it was not safe to continue,” the statement said.

“The driver was very angry, because he had been driving with a full tank of gas on the car,” the police statement added.

“The driver took the opportunity to drive away from the station.”

The driver was later arrested and later charged with theft of up to €1.5 million ($1.7 million).

The suspect had a history of driving while intoxicated and had been arrested before.

The court documents also indicated that he had recently received a speeding ticket in Germany and was in Belgium for an anti-racism conference.

The suspect has been released on bail.

Belgian authorities are still searching for the thief and are looking for any leads they can to identify the vehicle used to steal the train, the ministry said, as well as the suspect.

“If the suspect has a criminal background, we hope he will be brought to justice,” the railways transport ministry statement said, referring to the suspect’s previous criminal record.

Authorities have said that the criminal gangs responsible for stealing trains are known for their involvement in robbery, drugs and prostitution.

The country’s anti-corruption agency, the DGCC, is also looking into the case, which was not immediately answered by a request for comment.

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