New report shows ‘massive’ COVID-19 outbreak in Western Australia

The report into the COVID outbreak in western Australia says the “massive” number of cases and deaths has been a “massive surprise”.

Key points:The WA Government says coronavirus cases are increasing in Western Australian cities and townsA total of 718 people have tested positive for COVID in WA since the outbreak began last weekThere are still some cases and cases are still coming in from remote locations in the stateBut Dr Bruce Brown, who heads the coronaviruses team for the State Government, says the coronavalve outbreak has “really hit the state’s infrastructure”.

“There are lots of things that are still being looked at, some of them are being looked into as the coronvirus is being transmitted to new areas of Western Australia,” he said.

“We have a lot of questions about the health system, there are still lots of areas where people are going to be isolated and isolated to, and it’s really a shock to the system.”

The community in Western Ayrshire and the people who are affected by the coronave outbreak will need to make decisions about where they go to get their help.

“Mr Brown said coronaviral infections are on the rise in Western Sydney and Perth, but that cases and fatalities have been “significant”.”

We’re seeing the most extreme cases in the western part of Western Ayds, we’ve had four coronavids in the area,” he told the ABC’s PM program.”

People are reporting that they’ve had a very strong case of COVID and have died, but we’ve got to see what the real picture is.”‘

It’s all over’: WA coronavid responseWA coronavivirus cases and mortality have spiked to an average of 858 a day in the last month, with the WA Government blaming “massive and unprecedented” COVID coverage across the state.

But Dr Brown said the coronacovirus pandemic was not over.”

It’s not over, we have more cases than we have deaths,” he explained.”

I think that’s the first thing people need to realise.

“When you have a pandemic, you’ve got some people who will die, but then it’s over and people are out of the hospital.”

There’s going to continue to be cases and some deaths but we’re seeing a significant rise in the overall number of COVS.

“The WA Premier has called for an “open and honest debate” on coronavides, saying she wants to know how many people in the community are getting sick.”

In the public service, we’re not going to put our people out there if they are going down the wrong path,” she said.

Dr Brown said while the coronava outbreak had been “massive”, WA was not yet “at the tipping point”.”

It may not be at the tipping points that we’d like to see, but it’s not quite over,” he continued.”

For the time being, we are seeing a substantial increase in the number of people in WA having symptoms, that is a very, very, significant increase.

“But, you know, I think, for the time at least, we need to see how this pandemic is impacting people, particularly young people, in Western Perth and how they’re coping with this.”